Community Ignite have merged with Southern Brooks

UPDATE APRIL 2017 - Community Ignite and Southern Brooks Community Partnerships have now merged. All of our previous activities are now being run by Southern Brooks. Find out more here


February 2017

Community Ignite and Southern Brooks Community Partnerships are pleased to announce that they have agreed to merge. Two of the leading community charities in South Gloucestershire are becoming one to sustain and improve the services offered to local residents.

Due to financial pressures, Community Ignite turned to its partner charity in summer 2016 to explore a merger. Through discussions, both organisations recognized similarities within their values and services. Most importantly, a merger would give the services currently run by Community Ignite a strong foundation for the future. The merger will take place on 1st April 2017 and Community Ignite will cease to exist as a separate charity.

“We are very pleased that Southern Brooks were willing to collaborate with Community Ignite and join together to help strengthen the community in Kingswood and beyond. The staff are looking forward to more support from a bigger team and the shared ambitions we now have for improving people’s lives in the south of South Gloucestershire.” Margaret Slucutt, Chair Community Ignite.

 Community Ignite and Southern Brooks Community Partnerships already work together to deliver three services across South Gloucestershire, including a family support service and community work in the priority neighbourhoods.

As part of the merger, the team working in Kingswood and the surrounding area will be moving into the Park Centre on the High Street in Kingswood in March. The aim is to create a new community hub for Kingswood, working closely with the Park Centre. The team want to become much more accessible for the local community and increase visibility so residents know where to go for information and support.  

 “The merger made so much sense to us as an organisation. We hope that Southern Brooks Community Partnerships can add to the good work of Community Ignite by bringing in additional resources to strengthen the community in Kingswood. We are completely committed to working with local partners and look forward to understanding how we can best contribute to the growing community engagement in the local area.” Julie Close, Director, Southern Brooks Community Partnerships.

 For further information on the merger, please contact Alice Payne, Community Ignite on 01179 604186 or Julie Close on 01454 868570

Additional notes:



  • Community Ignite are a local community charity that offer help and support to those who are unemployed, have poor mental health and local familes who need support. They have been working in Kingswood and the surrounding area since 1986. For more details on their work please visit
  • Southern Brooks Community Partnerships has been established since 1988, based in Patchway.  They are committed to building Strong Communities Powered by People. For more details on their work please visit
  • Southern Brooks Community Partnerships already work very closely with Community Ignite and are the lead partner in several multi-year contracts which include Community Ignite.
  • Community Ignite’s office base is currently on Tower Road North in Warmley. The Park Centre is in Kingswood on the High Street.

 Key benefits

  • The merged staff and volunteer team are committed to ensuring that the merger benefits the communities in South Gloucestershire. An example of this is the sharing of best practice across two Volunteer Centres and community work in three priority neighbourhoods.
  • From April, Southern Brooks Community Partnerships have committed to increasing activities and partnerships in Kingswood.
  • Economies of scale will mean that more funding can be used to deliver services rather than managerial and financial overheads.


  • There is an absolute commitment from Southern Brooks Community Partnerships to protect the frontline services currently offered by Community Ignite in Kingswood. The existing staff team will be offered the opportunity to join Southern Brooks.
  • A Community Ignite Trustee will be joining the Southern Brooks Trustee Board.
  • Southern Brooks remains completed committed to their ongoing work in Patchway, Filton and the surrounding area.


Community Ignite/Southern Brooks

February 2017