Community Ignite launches the Bright Futures Appeal

On Giving Tuesday, Community Ignite launches its first ever Appeal. The Bright Futures Appeal aims to help 600 families in Kingswood by raising £5,000. The Appeal will give parents critical parenting and cooking skills and help them fully engage with the community in Kingswood.

Parents can feel isolated, lack help and support to bring up their families and Community Ignite will offer them training, support and information.

"The experiences families have on our parenting and cooking courses are transformational. When we are so busy at this time of year, it is easy to forget those who are finding it difficult to keep their families together and support their children through the challenges of life. Please support us and our new Appeal in whatever you can, by raising money, giving or encouraging other to support us, every penny will make a difference. Thank you." Alice Payne, Chief Officer of Community Ignite.

“The course has given me so much confidence and allowed me to cook healthy meals for my family. It also has broken down some of the isolation and given me the chance to get out and socialise” parent on current Cooking4Families course.


Here is a summary of the Appeal Bright futures Appeal.pdf and you can find out more at