FREE Home safety visits (provided by Avon Fire and Rescue Service)

This article was written by Graham Sanders, who is one of our valuable volunteers at Community Ignite and a Community fire safety volunteer.

"I have been involved as a volunteer with Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AFRS) for the past 2 years, and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My role entails talking to groups of people, and organisations about fire safety in the home.

During a visit, AFRS will come to your home to carry out a full safety check, give you professional advice on how to improve your safety measures, and will check your smoke alarms. Does your alarm go off when you burn toast? If so it maybe in the wrong place and AFRS will fix it. If necessary, they will fit you with new alarms with 10 year battery life, completely free of charge. For those who have hearing problems, which prevent them from hearing audio signals, there is a dedicated device which vibrates in an emergency, and can be placed under a pillow at night.

Not all the people I have talked to over the past 2 years were aware of the home fire safety visits offered by AFRS, and this is a free service available to all. Fire fighters are particularly keen to offer this service to people who may be more likely to encounter a fire, like older people, people with disabilities, people living alone, and people who are hard hearing or bed-bound.

I sincerely believe that this is of great help to all, and everyone should take advantage of this offer for a free and lifesaving service. 

Graham Sanders"

Ask a Community fire safety volunteer to speak at your group, and stay safe from accidental home fires. Contact Steffie Denton on 0117 9589308 /