Our services

Community groups

  •  We support local groups, enabling them to develop in all sorts of ways If you are thinking or setting up a group or would like some guidance please email us.

Family Support 

  • We have been running family parenting and cookery courses over the last few years and are pleased to say that we will be offering them again in Autumn 2015. We are also developing two new services, Family Wise and Families Connect.

Promoting health and positive well-being

  •  In partnership with other local community projects, we have set up a new Health Champions scheme across South Gloucestershire. We will be extending this work to focus on support for those with poor mental health.

Seeking employment

  •  There are currently over 500 unemployed people in Kingswood who need additional support in developing their CV or using online job searches. We run a number of different services for those seeking employment in Kingswood.

Training and networking

  • We run regular training and networking events for groups and individuals.