Family support

Here is a directory for families about what is going on in Kingswood - Connecting Kingswood Leaflet - Families.pdf

Families United

Families United is an six or eight week course for those who are finding their children’s behaviour a challenge. Parents are able to develop their skills and confidence levels, set boundaries and identify how they can cope better in the future. 

“I actually started looking forward to Monday mornings, have some child free time and a cup of coffee in peace and learnt so many useful and interesting things. I am actually now using the process of discipline with my son. Thank you so much.” 

“I found the marble jar idea brilliant. It really works with my son, he is now brushing his teeth in the morning and at night and going to bed without making a fuss.” 

The course is aimed to help parents to develop skills and boost their confidence in parenting, plus there is also often a free crèche available, but it will need to be booked. 

Essential Cooking Skills and Cooking for Families

Many parents don’t have basic cooking skills or have a good understanding of healthy eating. This is a free course that offers parents a crèche so they can concentrate on hands-on cooking, trying out new recipes and learning key skills, such as cutting an onion. Here is a photo of a group of mums who have successfully completed the course.

‘My children are now finishing all their meals’

'My children love to help me cook now, as I used to just have processed food’


Creche services

We offer a professional crèche service for local providers. Our trained workers will come to your venue and run a crèche, allowing you to offer service and training for parents.  

Family Wise

We run a service as part of the Troubled Families Initiative to work with families where their primary school children are at risk of exclusion and the parents are seeking employment. We have two new family support workers who will work with a small number of families to help them work through issues and link them up to further support and advice services. This project is run in partnership with Southern Brooks Community Partnerships. If you work with a family who you think could benefit from this service, please contact Claire Sturge.

Please find attached a leaflet on the service and a referral form.

Family wise leaflet for schools.pdf

Family Wise referral form.docx