Resilient Through Partnership

Resilient Through Partnership is a programme of services that has been set up to help you with your mental health. 5 organisations have come together to support residents with the everyday challenges they face. Click here to download a leaflet.

If you are needing someone to talk to and finding it difficult to progress with your life, the 'Your Support' programme run by Kingsmeadow Community Flat can help you. A trained counsellor will explore with you your thoughts and emotions and develop a personalised plan. They will then offer to meet you every week to help you understand and control your thoughts and emotions rather than being controlled by them.




The Compass Project is a community of people recovering from addiction. They support themselves by collecting, recycling, renovating and reselling donated furniture goods. You can volunteer at the Staple Hill shop and gain valuable experience ranging from sales, van driving, delivery, warehouse operations, furniture restoration, administration, IT etc. 

Please click here to go The Compass Project website. Alternatively you can contact The Compass Project on 0117 956 8873 or email here.



Volunteering is great for you wellbeing and will help improve your job prospects. Community Ignite works with a wide range of local charities that need volunteers and will help you find the opportunity that works for you. They will work with you to set up a volunteering role and support you on your first visit. They will then stay in touch with throughout the placement to pick up any concerns you may have.



Peer Support is the help and support that people with shared experiences are able to give one another. There are four different Peer Support Groups:

1. Positive State of Mind: For people with poor mental health such as depression and anxiety. Its free, friendly and informal, come along to meet people who may be feeling similar. Based at Kingswood Library. 

2. Positive State of Mind: For people with poor mental health such as depression and anxiety. Based at Kingsmeadow Community Flat.

For more information on groups 

3. For people who suffer from social isolation and alochol dependency issues. Run by DHI and based at 130 Tower Road North, Warmley.

4. For people at risk of dependence on prescribed or over-the-counter medication. Run by DHI and based at 130 Tower Road North, Warmley.

 Click here to go to the DHI website for groups 3 & 4. Alternatively you can contact DHI on 0800 073 3011 or email here

You can join the Freedom Programme run by Survive. This is a support group for women who have experienced domestic abuse.  The programme helps women to recover from their experiences, recognise potential future abusers and recognise the effects of domestic abuse on children. It also supports women to help each other and form a network of support.