Volunteer Centre Kingswood


Volunteer Centre Kingswood is Southern Brooks volunteering brokerage and support project. Through this work we promote volunteering across the wider Kingswood area and particularly within Kingswood, Staple Hill and Cadbury Heath. We support both individuals thinking about volunteering and groups working with and wanting to work with volunteers. 



If you are a potential volunteer looking to find an opportunity to suit you, then click here to go to our Volunteering Opportunities Search page, where you will find our database of volunteering opportunties.

Volunteer Centre Kingswood runs a drop-in session where you can meet with a member of the Volunteering Kingswood team to talk through the various opportunities and decide with support which role would suit you best. This are held every Thursday from 1 - 3pm at Kingswood Library.  In addition, our Community Hub information drop-in is open from 10-2 everyday from Monday to Friday at The Park Centre, Kingswood.

To find out more about volunteering you can also contact us via phone on 0454 864164 or you can email us.

We are also running a Volunteer Placement Scheme for people who need some additional support to help them find the right opportunity and offered regular encouragement. Flyer (2) - VPS.pdf


Organisations and Groups

If you are a local volunteer using organisations or group and would like to advertise your volunteering opportunties through us, or would like to find out about the support we offer around volunteering to organsiations and groups, then click here to go to our Information for Organisations and Groups page.


Our Aims

  • To promote and encourage volunteering and volunteering opportunities across the area.
  • To develop a resource bank of information relating to volunteering opportunities promoted through our website and through ‘Outreach’ sessions at local venues.
  • To provide a brokerage service matching needs of local groups and organisations to individual volunteers.
  • To provide support to groups and organisations offering volunteering opportunities around good practice.
  • To offer individuals interested in volunteering the support they may need to find the right opportunity for them.

We can also meet with local groups within the priority areas to offer support and information on good practice around involving volunteers. We are keen to ensure groups across the wider Chase and Kings Forest area have access to our services through our resource bank and web-based services.

Please contact us if we can support you or your project as we aim to ensure that we can respond to local individual and group needs around volunteering and volunteering support.