Information for Organisations and Groups


Would you like us to advertise your volunteering opportunities?

We are very keen to promote local opportunities for groups and organisations across the wider Kingswood area and for those based outside who have opportunities within the local and surrounding areas. We have many organisations registered with us, and 25 - 50 potential volunteers get in contact each month.

Once you have registered your organisation we will ask you to complete a ‘volunteer opportunity’ registration form for each new volunteering opportunity you would like publicised; the details will then be added to our website and shared with people who are interested in volunteering.

Organisation Registration

Please register with us by completing the Organisation Registration Form, and click here to email it to us.

Volunteer Opportunity Registration

Each Opportunity needs to be registered separately using an Opportunity Registration Form. Please send back to us as above.

If you have flyers or leaflets or website banners that advertise your volunteering opportunities please send them to us so we can help promote your opportunity.

Successful placements

We would love to hear from you if you have recently found a volunteer through the Volunteer Centre Kingswood. Please keep us up to date with your search and your stories will encourage others to volunteer and help us understand how we can improve our service. 


Support for Organisations and Groups

As well as helping you to find volunteers, we also offer organsiations and groups support on best practice when working with volunteers. Some useful information can be found in the Good Practice Guide around best practice when working with volunteers. 

You can also contact Alison Findlay our Community Development Coordinator in Kingswood here for further information and advice.

We have run training sessions for groups in the past and would like to hear how we can best meet the needs of your group. Previous courses have included recruiting volunteers and the legal implications of involving volunteers. Please contact us for more details.